Restore Our Rights Rally

Regional and Provincial Rally Dates Set, Bill 195 steamroller will be fought.

Health care local union leaders represented by OCHU/CUPE have approved a campaign that includes 22 regional rallies, which begin on August 17. A full list of these rallies, which will be held at 11 a.m. at the office of a local Member of Provincial Parliament is on the back of this flyer.

Bill 195 passed when the Ford government closed down debate in the legislature and moved closure. The bill was introduced 2 weeks before it passed.

How Bill 195 hurts:

1.Your vacations can be cancelled

2.Your shift can be changed (e.g.from days to nights) or your hours

3.Your job can be eliminated and you can be reassigned

4.You can be laid off without notice

5.Your leaves of absence, including parental leaves of absence, can be denied or cancelled

6.You can be moved to another site

7. Contractors or volunteers can be brought in as long as there is not a layoff. But they can do your job and you can be reassigned.
And all this can happen to you although the bill says the Covid emergency is over.