American Like cuts

In Canada, we’ve withstood the pandemic by sticking together and supporting each other. The United States is showing us what happens when we turn to blame, ignore our problems and act like everyone is in it for themselves. We must reject that.

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Back To School

Back to School; disaster proof the social safety net, childcare

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2020 Labour Day

Letter from the President:

This year, the Cornwall and District Labour Council will not meet at our traditional picnic.

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We Need A Canadian Plan

Many of us are watching in horror what is happening in the United States right now. Infection rates are climbing, governments are bickering, and people are suffering.

We can only hope it gets better for our southern neighbours. It makes us appreciate what we have here in Canada.

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Restore Our Rights Rally

Regional and Provincial Rally Dates Set, Bill 195 steamroller will be fought.

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Municipalities Need Funding

In these hard times, our municipalities cannot be left behind.

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