American Like cuts

In Canada, we’ve withstood the pandemic by sticking together and supporting each other. The United States is showing us what happens when we turn to blame, ignore our problems and act like everyone is in it for themselves. We must reject that.

The calls for American-style cuts, austerity and privatization are already happening and we need to fight those calls. In Canada, we need a plan that’s rooted in our way of doing things - on health care, on jobs and in how we care for each other. 

Politicians at all levels of government are making some big choices right now about what’s next. We have one chance to get this recovery right. 

We’re learning lessons from the pandemic that prepare us for the future - like keeping seniors safe, investing in health care, and making sure EI is strong enough to take us through economic disasters.

Throughout this campaign, we’ll send you quick and simple actions you can take that will put pressure on decision-makers to make the right choices. Let’s keep moving forward together.

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